2017 OUISA Sports Festival / OUISA スポーツ大会2017

Do you like sports? Do you enjoy a friendly competition? Do you love having fun?

Then 2017 OUISA SPORTS FESTIVAL is for you!

Our annual Sports Festival is the biggest event of the year organized by OUISA with the support of CIEE and BSP.

Every year more then 200 participants, both Japanese and foreign students of Osaka University!

This year we have two days to enjoy both indoor and outdoor sports.

Come and enjoy playing sports, meet other sport-lovers and have fun!

*You need to register the sports you want to participate in advance
(Register here)

そんなあなたに2017 OUISA スポーツ大会はあります!

2017 OUISA スポーツ大会はCIEEとBSPのサポートのもと、OUISAが主催する年間最大のイベントです。






For more information check the following links:

Sports Festival Rules
Sports Festival Schedule

Sports Festival Application Form

OUISA Sports Festival Photos


Updates and News of this event will be posted here on our Official Website and on Official Facebook Page.

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