Schoolbook Donation Event


Looking for schoolbooks for the new semester?
Wondering what can you do to help Syrian refugees?
Here comes your great chance!

Drop in & Grab a book for free as long as you make a small donation for the Syrian refugees starting from 100yen.

Subjects of available books are listed below:
Engineering science
Modeling science
Nonlinear phenomena
Analytical mechanics
Mathematical analysis
Computer simulation
Energy and safety

With special thanks to the donor of all those books:
Prof. Masami Masubuchi (former Handai Prof.)
阪大名誉教授, 工学博士 増淵 正美 先生

This event is presented under the cooperation of CIEE and OUISA
Inquire at IC Hall 2nd floor.

To confirm your attendance, please kindly click “Going” to our Facebook Event page. More details will be posted in this Facebook group.

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