OUISA Hour [June-July 2017]

Everyone, it’s time again!
OUISA, in collaboration with CIEE, is proudly presenting OUISA Hour- you can learn the insight about other countries from international students here in Osaka University!!
This event is open to all Osaka University students 🙂

This is the schedule of the upcoming events:

Venue: Suita Campus

  • June 19 Mexico 
    Did you know that the Mayan pyramid Chichen-Itza is one of the more than 30 UNESCO World heritage sites in Mexico? Did you know that tomatoes, chocolate and chilies all originally come from Mexico? Did you know that the Mexican inventor Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena invented color television? If you didn’t know these facts and want to learn more about Mexico, come join OUISA hour – CIA English Café on June 19th at 17.00! Not only will you learn about the country’s rich history and place in the modern world, you can enjoy some of its famous music and food as well! ¡Nos vemos~!
  • July 12  Kenya
    Come discover magical Kenya: home to the Big 5 game animals (safari), the 8th wonder of the world, the 2nd highest mountain in Africa and 8 great lakes of the Rift Valley. Where legends and top tech innovations are born.

Venue: Toyonaka Campus [IRIS]

  • June 26 Chile
    A glimpse of the longest North to South country in the world – Chile! A view of its culture and uniqueness from all of its 3 main climates; The north, the center and the south! Also get to know about its traditional food and drinks! All of this and other goodies at OUISA Hour Chile! **”sopaipillas”**
  • July 24 Saudi Arabia 
    Everyone, time to explore the arabic world!
    All success stories start with a vision, and successful visions are based on strong pillars:
    Saudi Arabia position …. the heart of the Arab and Islamic worlds. The determination to become a global investment powerhouse. Our strategic geographical location in the world map. Saudi Arabia are not dependent solely on oil for our needs !! … Really?? The future is one of huge promise and great potential for individuals in Saudi Arabia…. scholarship and jobs opportunities. Do you know what is “sidewalk skiing” ? The World’s Tallest Building …. The Kingdom Tower. Swordsman shortage!! Saudi arabia and the magic policy. The major water problem. The UNESCO World Heritage Site and the world’s ancient cities. Come and get to explore Saudi Arabia~

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them, and hope to see you soon!



6月19日 メキシコ                [CIA (English Cafe)] *5時~7時
6月26日 チーレ                 [豊中IRIS]
7月12日 ケニヤ                  [吹田IRIS]
7月24日 サウジアラビア  [豊中IRIS]


時間: 午後4時30分-5時30分(受付は4時15分より)
使用言語: 英語 (開催言語は英語ですが、日本語のできるメンバーがもちろんいますのでお気軽にお越し下さい).
参加費: 無料


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