April 14, 2018

Main Events


 Monthly Meetings

Date: Once a month
Location: Toyonaka IRIS or Suita IRIS
Description: Discussing about the recent activities in the past month and the upcoming events in the coming month.





No automatic alt text available.General Meeting

Date: Once a year
Location: Suita IRIS
Description: We officially introduce the new committee, review the last year and talk about the plans for the this year.
Additional infos: New members are welcome and usually the monthly meeting will be held after the general meeting.










Teambuilding Events:

Image may contain: 22 people, including Rodrigo Campos, Sonja Viktorija Anić and Masugata Nozomi, people smiling, outdoorOUISA Camp

Date: May
Location: Outskirts of Sanda City
Description: Games, a BBQ, campfire, etc.
Additional infos: Only for Handai Students




Image may contain: 14 people, people smiling, people standing, sky, mountain, child, shorts, outdoor and natureBeach Party

Additional infos: 




Events for all Students:

Image may contain: food and textIcho Festival

Date: Around the end of April
Location: Toyonaka Campus
Description: Love food, music and dance performances? Be sure not to miss out on the university festival in the golden week. OUISA will also be selling a range of exotic dishes, so feel free to stop by and enjoy another culture! It is also a great opportunity to learn more about the different clubs and circles in Osaka University and maybe join one!










Fun Run






Sports Festival

Date: October/November
Location: Suita Campus Gymnasium
Participation fee: Soccer – 3500 yen per team; Others: 200 yen per sport per person
Description: Love Sports? Be sure not to miss out on our once-a-year event and try your strength in this university-wide competition in badminton, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, soccer and arm wrestling! A lot of students will compete to be the very best! Will it be you?
Additional infos: Registration required











Date: Variable
Location: Toyonaka or Suita IRIS
Description: Are you interested in other cultures? Come to OUISA Hour where you can listen to natives talking about their own country for an hour in amazing detail and learn things you can’t hear anywhere else!




 Academic Life Workshop

Description: Learn tricks about survival in Japanese lab or school – crucial dos and don’ts and how tos, relationships within the lab, research, options after finishing and more!




Events intended for new Students:

Image may contain: 53 people, including Kosuke Teshima, people smiling, indoorWelcome Party

Date: April
Location: Suita IRIS
Fee: 200 yen for new students (all students who entered this month) and 300 yen for everyone else.
Description: Come meet new friends and have fun at all of our Welcome Parties in every campus, with a bite to eat, great music and games! It is a great opportunity to meet international students or japanese students.




Image may contain: 5 people, people standing, shoes and outdoorCampus Tours

Date: After the Orientation for international Students
Location: Suita, Toyonaka, Minoh
Description: Join the tour of all three campuses to learn where to eat, where to have fun, where to buy things, how to move around and much more! You will learn in detail about the most important things on each campus, which are necessary for every student!




No automatic alt text available.Daily Life Orientation

Date: In the beginning of each semester
Location: Suita IRIS
Description: This event is aimed at guiding new international students in Osaka University through different issue (like where to get a phone/SIM/Internet, simple etiquettes to keep in mind in Japan, best places to eat around the campuses, etc.) faced in their everyday lives.
This Orientation will be done by seniors who have stayed for more than 3 to 4 years in Osaka University, so you can ask them any question you have in the Q&A session.