General Information for those in Minoh Campus

General information

Getting to the campus:

Osaka Monorail: Saito-nishi station

Hankyu Railway: Kitasenri station-Bus to Matani jutaku 4 or Handai gaikokugogakubu mae (platform 5 in kitasenri bus stop)

Subway: (Kitaosaka Kyuko): Senrichuo station – Bus to Matani jutaku 4 or Handai-gaikokugogakubu-mae (Senrichuo bus stop platform 5)

Parking in the campus:

There is free bicycle parking in front of the university cafeteria building with a motobike parking slighly down the hill

There is an under-the-roof parking for bicycles and motobikes near the motobike parking

There are several parking places for cars: near the university sports ground (biggest one), near E building (for staff), in front of CJLC (Center for Japanese Language and Culture) (for staff).


Printing and using the PC:

You can use the PC in the library.

You can print up to 300 copies per semester in the B building 4th floor (down the hill from CJLC).  for free. You need your ID and password (it will be among the papers you get in one of the orientations). You can color print in the room for students in E building.

You can copy materials at the bookstore for a charge.

WIFI Zones:

All students can get access to odins network if they log in using their university ID and password.


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