Academic Life Workshop 2018

academic life workshop

To study in Japan and with Japanese teachers and students can be fun, but it can also be very hard. A whole new language, culture, and on top of that trying to survive your studies?

To make it easier for international students, OUISA is once again presenting the workshop on ACADEMIC LIFE at Osaka University, in collaboration with CIEE, and Harassment Counseling Office.

With support from Harassment Counseling Office, we’ll discuss about harassment (what is harassment and what is not) and how we can cope with such issues – who can help and how.
We ask all participants to be respectful and listening during the discussion. Of course, if you came just to listen, you won’t be asked to actively discuss anything.

Where: Suita IRIS, Room 5,6
When: 7th of November (Wed), 18:00-19:30
Registration: Not required

This workshop will be conducted in English. And we’ll prepare drinks for you to sip while you listen, and discuss.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from your senpais about how to make the most out of your life here at Handai!

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