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About Us

Osaka University International Students Association
To make a better community of International Students

OUISA is a volunteer organization and the moment you register as a foreign student at Osaka University you become a member of OUISA. But if you are interested in playing an active role in OUISA please feel free to talk to us or visits. OUISA is all about sharing, learning and networking among the students of Osaka University. We focus on strengthening the friendship, understanding and sharing of experiences among the students from different ethnic communities coming from different parts of the world. You may be a short-term exchange student, or an undergraduate or graduate student who will be studying at Osaka University for a longer period. Yet you may want to meet other likeminded students and share experiences, organize and participate in events and most importantly make friends. At OUISA, this is what we do. As OUISA, we provide the platform for students to meet each other, share experiences and take part in different events.

  • support

    all and every International students of Osaka University

  • Provide

    the platform for students to meet each other, share experiences and take part in different events.

  • encourage

    students to organize new events with the objective of enhancing communication between cultures and fostering interaction among the Japanese and the foreign students.

  • offer a space

    for young people to initiate communication, learn about and respect each other’s cultures and have a more enjoyable and memorable stay in Japan.

Our focus

What we focus on as an International Students Association

Provide support for the international student community in Osaka University.


Promote cultural exchange between international and Japanese students


Improve cross-cultural understanding by reaching to local communities

Our Team

A few brilliant members among our great society
Sia MeiShen
Sun Yi Ning
Vice President
Sonja Viktorija Anic
Robson Kenji Sato
Tika Laras Kusuma
Design TL
Amani Hamis
Technical TL
Antonia Persson Ramstedt
Lira Palmer
Facilitator TL

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